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  • The forum’s staff members are becoming increasingly frustrated with having to edit member’s posts to remove gaps in abbreviations and to frequently ask members to include sources with the images they post. Please, can all LRG members take a fresh look at the forum’s Rules/Code of Conduct: Any members who continue to post gaps in abbreviations and post images without a source will risk having their LRG account downgraded to ‘Level 1 Membership’. This places substantial limitations on your ability to view and appreciate the forum’s content. Signed, LRG Admin and Management

LRG Forum Rules/Code of Conduct

Dear prospective/member,

Other than the conditions set out in our default "Terms and Rules" which can be viewed here, the following additional rules need to be followed by all members to ensure the continuation of your LRG forum membership privileges.

The Luftwaffe Research Group reserves the right to remove any content that does not meet these rules of conduct:

1.) We are a serious research forum, therefore we insist that all members use their real and full names. That means, as a minimum requirement we need you to use your real forename & surname as your username on the forum. Any deviation from this will mean that your account request will simply be rejected. If at a later date any member is found to be using a fake name or alias then their forum membership including all associated privileges will be revoked without warning.

Please format your username as follows:

Forename Surname

Please use spaces between your forename/surname and capitalise the first letter of each component of your name. For example:

Adolf Galland

If your full name has an initialed middle name, please feel free to use it. For Example:

Adolf J. Galland

IMPORTANT! Any membership requests that do not adhere to the above username standards will be rejected.

2.) Due to the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998 (COPPA) and our forum's content you are required to be over 16 years of age to become a member of the LRG forum.

3.) Language usage

English: The LRG forum is an English language forum, therefore we ask that all public communication on the forum be made in English. However, we welcome members of any nationality to apply for an account. Online translation tools are easily accessible these days and it should not be too difficult to utilise these tools to present your posts on the forum. At the very least we can accommodate broken English because as much as the admin will do to translate your introductory post, no one has time to translate all of your input on the forum, but at the same time, we do not want to miss out on what our non-English speaking peers might have to offer.

Deutsch: LRG ist ein englischsprachiges Forum, daher verlangen wir, daß jede öffentliche Kommunikation im Forum auf Englisch stattfindet. Wir freuen uns aber auf Mitglieder jeglicher Nationalität. Online-Übersetzungstools sind heutzutage leicht zugänglich und es sollte nicht allzu schwierig sein, mit Hilfe dieser Tools auf dem Forum zu posten. Notfalls akzeptieren wir auch gebrochenes Englisch, weil wir zwar unser Bestes tun, um Ihren Vorstellungstext zu übersetzen, aber nicht für alle Ihre Beiträge dafür die Zeit haben. Wir wollen aber keineswegs verpassen, was unsere nicht englischsprachigen Kollegen beizutragen haben.

Français: Comme le forum LRG est en langue anglaise, nous demandons donc que toutes les demandes ou participations publiques sur ce forum soient faites en anglais. Cependant, nous invitons les membres de toute nationalité à demander à ouvrir un compte. Les outils de traduction en ligne sont facilement accessibles de nos jours et cela ne devrait pas être trop difficile d'utiliser ces aides pour rédiger vos messages sur le forum. Nous pouvons nous contenter d'un anglais approximatif et même si l'administrateur pourrait traduire votre message d'introduction, personne n'aura le temps de traduire toutes vos contributions sur le forum. Néanmoins nous ne voulons pas manquer ce que nos amis non anglophones pourraient avoir à nous offrir.

Ру́сский: Форум LRG - англоязычный, поэтому мы просим пользователей, чтобы всё публичное общения на форуме происходило на английском языке. Однако, мы приветствуем заявки от потенциальных участников из любой страны. Инструменты онлайн-перевода легко доступны в наши дни, и Вам будет не слишком сложно вопользоваться этими инструментами, чтобы перевести Ваше сообщение на английский для размещения поста на форуме. По меньшей мере, мы можем согласиться на использование Вами в сообщениях ломаного английского. Хотя администрация и поспособствует переводу Вашего первого сообщения на форуме, в котором Вы представитесь, времени для перевода дальнейших сообщений ни у кого нет. В то же время, мы не хотели бы упустить возможность общения с нашими коллегами, не владеющими английским языком, и получить знания, которыми они обладают и готовы поделиться

4.) It will be compulsory for all prospective new members to post an introduction post within the "New Member Introductions" section of our forum. If for whatever reason you fail to make your introduction post within 48hrs of signing up to the forum, your membership account will be deleted. The forum's software will prevent all new members from posting on the forum until they have completed their introduction post and it has been reviewed and accepted by the forum's management. Please use the opportunity to tell us about yourself, the kind of research that interests you and how you feel that you can benefit the forum in some way.

To make your introduction post as comfortable as possible, you are free to write your introduction post in your native language and the forum's admin will do their best to provide an accurate English translation for the other forum members to read.

5.) The LRG forum is not a repository of free documents, images and research material. A discussion forum is a place where material and ideas are shared as an exchange. As a member, you are expected to get involved and support the forum with content creation. Whether that be simply asking questions, posting interesting photos or getting involved in the discussions in a more detailed and scholarly manner.

6.) There are four levels of membership at the LRG forum and depending on how much each member gets involved, supports the forum with content creation and interesting discussions, any particular member can be promoted to the higher stages of LRG membership. These levels are also employed to prevent unscrupulous characters from stealing our content and using it on their own websites or blogs to earn money from the visitor generated advert revenue.

Additionally, our staff freely give the LRG membership a lot of their spare time by posting interesting content to drive the discussions on the forum, therefore we aim to prevent any abuse and unfair usage of the fruits of their labours as much as technically possible.

Membership levels are therefore broken down as:

Level 1 All images will be heavily watermarked, all URLs/links will not be visible.

Level 2 All images will have an LRG web address watermark, all URLs/links will not be visible.

Level 3 All images will have a minor LRG web address watermark, all URLs/links will be visible.

Level 4 Zero content viewing restrictions.

As well as moving up the levels of membership, a member can be demoted and move down the levels if they are deemed to not be putting in the effort to support the forum. Whether that is to be seen to be putting more effort into other Luftwaffe discussion mediums or simply not visiting the forum very often.

So, it is beneficial for our members to get involved and fully utilise the forum for that which it is intended, research into all aspects of the Luftwaffe. A forum can only exist with the input of its members.

7.) As with any kind of academic writing it is always beneficial to include a source for the information that you have based your research findings on. This enables other researchers to check the source material and/or utilise it within their own research. Whether that is a primary source document or photo, secondary source publication, magazine article or website/blog then at LRG we insist that you try and provide a source for the material to the best of your ability or knowledge. If for whatever reason you cannot provide a relevant source then you shall append the material with the following statement:

"Source: Not currently known. (fair use for the purpose of legitimate, non-profit research)."

8.) If you utilise any material or content within a publication, another forum, blog, Facebook page/group etc, which you have obtained from the LRG forum we expect that the "" forum is formally cited as the source of material in question. Any member who fails to properly acknowledge the LRG forum as a source when sharing or publishing our content elsewhere will have the content viewing privileges associated with their account revoked permanently and without warning.

9.) The use of abbreviations is widespread within any writings concerned with the Luftwaffe or historical aviation, in general. There are many derivatives and personal preferences as to how these abbreviations are written. Any quality publication will ensure that they adhere to the same style and rules with regards to how the abbreviations are written and repeated throughout the work. The search engine that the LRG forum utilises and its functionality also determine the style of abbreviation that we prefer to be used on the forum. Regardless of your own personal preference as to how you write Luftwaffe associated abbreviations, for the sake of consistency and to ensure that the forum's search function performs as it should we ask that you write abbreviations on the LRG forum without any spaces between the characters, no full stop/period/full points or hyphens. Failing to do so will mean that a staff member will have to manually edit your posts to conform to our rules in regard to abbreviation style. This can be very time-consuming and bothersome for our staff members. Although, we fully appreciate that mistakes happen from time to time, especially with cases of such a long-standing personal preference for one's writing of abbreviations, any member who continually fails to adhere to the forum's abbreviation style preference will be deemed as disrespectful and their ability to view the content on the LRG forum will be heavily restricted.

For example:




 Bf 109 E-1/B

 Bf-109 E-1/B




 2./JG 52


 2./Jagdgeschwader 52




 3./AufklGr 121


 3./Aufklärungsgruppe 121




 1./KüFlGr 506


 1./Küstenfliegergruppe 506

10.) Comments and contributions to forum threads or posts should be descriptive, succinct, and relevant to the discussion or forum topic.

11.) To better facilitate conversation, our staff members may move off-topic threads to another appropriate forum or delete off-topic posts at their discretion. If you are unsure why your thread was moved, please contact someone on the board admin/moderation team rather than post in the thread itself. This will provide you with more prompt feedback and hopefully lead to a more fruitful discussion on the original material.

12.) To maintain quality discussions, contributions that do not provide a substantive purpose or relevance may be removed.

13.) We encourage members to have open, candid discussions and debates. We will not censor members for expressing an opinion within the limits of these rules of conduct. However, all communications should be civil and polite. Members should treat each other with respect and consideration for all points of view. If either party fails to agree on any matter, then they should simply agree to disagree and move on. As long as each party has presented their ideas/evidence in a professional and scholarly manner then they have done all they can. At which point, deciding who is right or wrong will be a burden that rests squarely on the shoulders of your peers and other forum members.

14.) The forum may not be used to post, transmit or provide links to material that is knowingly false and/or defamatory; contain ad hominem attacks, misleading, inaccurate, abusive, vulgar, hateful, harassing, obscene, profane, sexually-oriented, threatening or invasive of a person's privacy; that otherwise violates any law; or that encourages conduct constituting a criminal offence.

Any actions that violate these rules of conduct may result in the suspension of your ability to view our content. Repeat offenders face having their LRG forum account and all of the content viewing privileges associated with it permanently revoked.