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A little tool for Stkz/WNr. control

Peter van Gogh

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A notice to the tool (kindly modified by Clint Mitchell)

After printing cut out 2 rounds on the outer side
Put the small one above the large one and put a pushpin or linchpin in the middle.
I hope its of use.

stkz schijf.jpg

Martin Handig

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an innovative tool, indeed, the so called vanGogh-Staffel-Kennzeichen-Scheibe StKS 1.0.
A useful standard tool like the Rechenschieber or the Knemeyer-calculator.
Thank you Peter

Alfred Monzat

Please excuse my ignorance, but what it the meaning of this tool ?

At first I believed it was to follow the a batch of W.Nr. in a sequence of stammkennzeichen, but the disc would only need to go from 0 to 9. Also that's not make sens with Martin Handig's comment. It look like it have more to do with verbandskennzeichen (?).

Peter van Gogh

Level 3 Account
A little explanation
-stkz-aa+aa WNr.1004
-stkz-aa+aw WNr.1026
new stkz given aa+ah as WNr1010

put the 4 on the A then you see the W on 26 but H not on 10
This block with stkz is than probably random given to WNr. and you can not fill in the rest of the WNr. to the open stkz.

Its not a miracle tool only for quick control.

And for colors I am 10% colorblind. That is the reason I would never display my models and hence no colors on the disc.

Alfred Monzat

Not sure I've understood. Your example works perfectly with your tool, but it would work a little worst with a know stkz batch starting with a W.Nr. such as XX42, hence a small disc [0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9] and a big disc [A+K+U, B+L+V, C+M+W, D+N+X, E+O+Y, F+P+Z, G+Q, H+R, I+S, J+T]. Ok that would overcharge the big disc with up to 3 letters on the same case so you can divide it in two, [X0, X1,...,Y8, Y9] and [A+U, B+V,..., S, T], the X and the Y helping you to not be lost.
Your tool works, I do not say the opposite, and if it's fine no need to change it, but last one question, why are you talking of colors ? W.Nr. and stkz are in black and no relation with the colored letter from verbandskennzeichen (as far as I know).

Clint Mitchell

Staff member
Kent, UK.
I think Peter designed this as an aid for certain basic situations to save time and is not meant to be a super tool .

So is there perhaps a way to make the discs larger or add other discs to make it more comprehensive?

Let me know precisely what is required and I can work something up and post it. :)