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Arado Ar240 Rb cameras panels

Giampiero Piva

Level 3 Account
I am looking for a photo (or drawing) that shows the external appearance of the panels that covered the lower cutout of the Arado Ar240 photographic equipment in the engines nacelles (round, rectangular, with or without glass...?).
I know perfectly well it will be difficult, but can someone help me?
Thanks in advance.
Giampiero Piva
09  A-01 V5.jpg

Martin Handig

Level 4 Account
Having searched high and low, no photo evidence of the Rb-Geräte Einbau found. Not in Gerd Lang‘s Flugzeug-Profile Arado Ar240 No.1 nor in J.A.Kranzhoff‘s Arado Geschichte eines Flugzeugwerkes or Volker Koos‘ Arado Flugzeugwerke. I only noticed that there is only one photo showing a hatch on the left backward engine/gear nascalle that could be an opening for changing the photo box on the top side of the RB in Koos book page 109 but its on Ar240V3 which itself was not used as recce plane.
I simply assume as ther are not entry hatches to be seen on the side or on top that the cameras were serviced through a door opening behind the gear bay. But that is of course purely speculative.
It seems from all photos that there was not any device (e.g. small frame) or cover sheet to protect the camera openings from all kinds of dirt from the wheels or oil/fuel from the engine like on other Lw aircraft (Bf109 recce, Ju88/188). Moreover also no Lotfe for looking downwards on the target and start the camera motor or heating device for the cameras to protect them from mist is known. Strange, as several of the few Ar240 aircraft where successfully used as fast reece planes.
One wonders, where the camera equiment might have been built in and why was it never mentioned in Arado reports? At Oranienburg at the VersVerb itself or at the famos Luft Hansa Werft there that was specialized on Umbau aircrafts? So many questions and no answers yet, can any one help?