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Bf109G-2 Stkz

Nigel Moore

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Taking forward Tom's Bf109G-2 points from #19, I'm putting this content into a separate post just in case it needs to go elsewhere within LRG.

After accessing Fbuch Elsner (another very kind contributor) I did manage to work out a reasonably full reconstruction of the WNF G-2s. I attach that in the form of an Excel proof file, which can be very easily updated and adjusted, yet presents an unambiguous picture for every single aircraft.

There are still a few Stammkz. gaps, and a solid identification for the singleton Stammkz. of 13700 is probably only in the lap of the gods.

The other intriguing pieces are how and where the WNF spans for the Bf109G-2/R1, G-2/R2 & G-2/R3 fitted in. I have only a single identity so far for one of the G-2/R3s and that is 13978, VI+MD.

Hopefully, we, the LRG community, can improve on and maybe even complete this initial 'straw man' along with supporting sources.


  • WNF Bf 109 G-2 Stammkz 05-Jan-2022.xls
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Tom Willis

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Thanks Nigel
Useful listing - I can add the following comments
Bf109G-2 - 13401 - 13425 as GT+WA to WY (GT+WH as WNr.13408 - photo - 13411 as ..+.K/Black 13 of 15./JG52 - photo)
13901 - 13926 as DU+YA - YZ
Could your possible VO+S series from WNr.13953 be VD+S series? I have VD+SA to SZ as WNr.14601 to 14626 but possible typo as WNrs did not reach this high for WNF production of the Type Bf109G-2

Nigel Moore

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Many thanks, Tom, for GT+WA to WY & DU+YA to YZ.

In fact, you are right on the money with "VD+SA to SZ as WNr.14601 to 14626" since there was also a second WNF block of (seemingly) 350 Bf109G-2s spanning WNr.14501 to 14850. (I'm taking this directly from Prien+Rodeike's Bf 109 F, G & K p.63.) This second block then ran onto WNr.15000 as WNF Bf109G-4s.

Until I stumbled over Fbuch Elsner, this second block was (for me) much better populated with confirmed identities than was the first and far bigger WNF block of 600.

I've now incorporated your GT+W & DU+Y spots, and added in a further tab with this second WNF block. I've also rethought some on the Bf109G-2/R2s & Bf109G-2/R3s because we have some hard confirmations of the latter in this second block. The only snag is that although numbered in the Bf109G-2 span all known Bf109G-2/R3 identities are reported in service as Bf109G-4s. [See Jim at
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] Seemingly then they were refitted with FuG16 radios and re-designated as a consequence.

There are three gaps of 26 in this second WNF block, and there is an intriguing difference of exactly 26 between the total of 914 Bf109G-2s reported completed and delivered by WNF, and the total of 940 vanilla Bf109G-2s in the two identified Werk-Nummer blocks assigned to WNF. (Both figues are stated after excluding the ten WNF Bf109G-2/R1s; if those ten are also included then of course the difference is between 924 delivered by WNF and 950 in the full WNr. spans.) [Prien+Rodeike op.cit. same page with the totals of 914 Bf109G-2s & 10 Bf109G-2/R1s presumably both taken by them from LP 223, issued 15-Apr-43. All of these aircraft are reported there as delivered by 31-Mar-43. (BA-MA RL 3/1024).]

The likelihood then is that one of these WNF spans of 26 was simply set aside and deliberately left unused in the name of security. So, if/when we can complete tidying up the Stammkz. allocations for the balance of these WNF Bf109G-2s then this security cut-out should become unarguably identifiable by process of elimination.


  • WNF Bf 109 G-2 Stammkz v2 06-Jan-2022.xls
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Peter van Gogh

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I have DG+VT as an Ju52/3m

ju052-3m-DG+VT-003.jpg source EBay

Nigel Moore

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Thank you, Peter, for #6.
A very grubby aircraft. Maybe DG+KT (Ju52/3m WNr.7570)?
BUT so far I've only found a single identification for a Bf109G-2 in the DG+V_ sequence. The source references are: DG+VA W.Nr. 14501 PSRB.Teil9/II.42(text) [also as a Matti Salonen loss]
More data will make all clearer (as always). :)

Nigel Moore

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I appreciate this can only be circumstantial, Peter, but the only DG+ sequences listed in the British intelligence document Jim shared are:
DG+K in 1942
DG+R 1941
DG+S 1941
No other DG+ sequences found in either 1940, or 1943.

Peter van Gogh

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Hi Nigel Your right about The Ju52 its DG+K I had an other Ju52 in the DG+V but thats is DC+V In the update both will be removed.
In post 7 you use as source PSRB teil9/II.42 what is this ?

Nigel Moore

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Sorry, Peter. PSRB is my shorthand for Jochen Prien, Peter Rodeike, Gerhard Stemmer, Winfried Bock: Die Jagdfliegerverbände der Deutschen Luftwaffe 1934 bis 1945. I can get the order on the initials mixed up when typing but all variations do start with the letter P.