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* Identity Required * emblem id. ?

Peter van Gogh

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first on a Fi156
and second on a Ar66
Both looks the same (source EBay expired action)
I have for the code X+AJ no match but could be 6X+AJ I have 6X for Erg.NSGr.Ostland (Latvian) They used the Ar66
The emblem looks like an stick with a lamp hanging under it.
comments please.

Göran Larsson

Staff member
Stockholm, Sweden
The first photo in post #1 was sold at the same time as these photos of Fi156 NE+KS WNr.5199, with the Stkz also in the file name in post #1. NE+KS can be seen under the wings. I have it as a Fi156 of Nahkampfführer II, but that unit had the "winged handgrenade"? We probably have discussed it as I note the "lamp on a stick" in some file names.
Fi 156_256-2.1_emblem-ID_NE+KS_flower (2).jpgFi 156 NE+KS_1-2_emblem-ID_'lamp on a stick'.jpgFi 156 NE+KS_1-3_emblem-ID_'lamp on a stick'.jpg
Source: Old eBay auction