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Erla Bf109 internal Werknummern

Norbert Schuchbauer

Staff member
Sacramento CA
Hi All,
I'm not sure if this was discussed at an earlier time, then I missed it. Is there some pattern that allows the Erla internal Werknummern of the Bf109 to be associated with the revised 6 digit Werknummer?

So far I have the following:
410000 was Erla 28001 this goes to 410099 = 28100
410672 = 33093 this goes to 410677 = 32074
410771 = 33093
410818 = 34071
412460 = 41024

Just recently I came across a Bf109G-5 WNr.34049 and Bf109G-6 WNr.39051.

Can anybody help tying those to the 5 digit number?

Marc-André Haldimann

Staff member
Much indebted, Jörg.

As a side note, there is one photo of Erla's assembly hall showing prominently sister-ship Erla WNr.34149 cockpit section ready to be assembled to the fuselage of what would become RLM WNr.410896 "VP+IX. Sold 18 March 1944 to the Finnish Air Force and flown as "MT-411", it was struck off charge 15 January 1954.
Source: photo courtesy of RPBarry, LEMB Forum, 8 May 2014; informations your courtesy, Jörg, LEMB Forum, same day.