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Fw58C with unusual camouflage

Hein Capelle

Staff member
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Göran Larsson

Staff member
Stockholm, Sweden
Looks like having the emblem K&R #693 FFS/FAR13 , Ketley [2012] #802. Coded ??+GX. I have a photo of a CB+GX WNr.3647 in RLM02 (prob). Same aircraft? Comparison with another photo with the same emblem (code unknown):
Fw 58_FFS FAR 13_Emblem_2-2_xx+GX.jpg Fw 58_FFS FAR 13_Emblem_1-1.jpg Fw 58_FFS FAR 13_Emblem_1-2.jpg
Source: Crop from post #1 and an old expired eBay auction