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Other Kit Manufacturer He112B-1 - RS Models 1/72

Giampiero Piva

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A work of some time ago; the RS kit is good, but, like all models of this type, it requires some modifications and a fair number of additions, particularly in the area of the engine and its radiator and in that of the wheel wells. The rather bare cockpit also needs numerous additions. The wheels in the kit are too small, so they have been replaced with those of a Bf109F. The model represents a B-1 from Industrieschutzstaffel, a squadron formed by the pilots of the company a protection of the Heinkel factory in Rostock-Marienehe in September 1939. The camo is in RLM02 (or RLM63) integral (mixture of Humbrol Enamels), entirely brushpainted; the decals are partly those of the RS, partly come from other sheets and the one relating to the indications of the flaps on the left wing was printed by me.
Hope you like.
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Giampiero Piva
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