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Ju88 WNr.4081 rebuilt from A-1 to D-1 ?

Peter van Gogh

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I have this WNr.4081 twice
- 4D+AS Junkers Ju88A-1 WNr.4081 8./KG30 -1940-10-08 50% damage
- A6+RH Junkers Ju88D-1 WNr.4081 1.(F)/120 -1942-03-31 90% damage
here are the losses

is this an rebuilt ?

Jim Perry

Staff member
Peter, I have the same data as you but am inclined to think it was some type of clerical error. Note that I also have another incident for WNr.4081 while with IV./KG54 on 3-Jun-41, this time as a Ju88A-5. The incident was reported as a Fehlstart at Lechfeld with a 60% damage assessment.

Tom Willis

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Thanks Peter & Jim.
Peter, the 1st example you give with a copy from the Loss Records the W/Nr is 4081 but the 2nd copy looks more like W/Nr 4091. If this is the case then to me there is no 3rd conflict.

Martin Handig

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one more general comment on a suggested conversion of a Ju88A-1 to Ju88D-1 Baureihe:
a Ju88D-1 (or Ju88D-5) recce aircraft would be based on a Ju88A-4 bomber type with many technical changes compared to a Ju88A-1 (wings, engines, fuselage etc.). For a Ju88A-1 type, a conversion to a Ju88A-5F or Ju88D-2 would be more likely.