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Finemolds Messerschmitt Me410 EDUARD 'Profipack' (Fine Molds) 1/72 - 2 of 3

Giampiero Piva

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After the post on the general construction ( Eduard - Messerschmitt Me 410 EDUARD ‘Profipack’ (Fine Molds) 1/72 – WIP ), here is the second of the three 'animals', which required some changes in the compartment for photographic equipment, with the addition of an Rb50/30 (OWL R72047) and the transformation of that supplied by the kit (horrible) in a Rb 20/30. The aircraft shown is a Me410A-3, belonging to the 3.(F)/122, operating from Perugia (Italy) in April 1944. The model, totally brushpainted , is camouflaged in the classic RLM 74/75/76 (mixes by Humbrol Enamels); note the toned down national insignia.
Hope you like.
Thanks for viewing.
Criticisms and suggestions welcome.
Giampiero Piva
01.jpg02.jpgMe410 A-3  'F6+NK' 02.jpgMe410 A-3  'F6+NK' 09.jpgMe410 A-3  'F6+NK' 11.jpgMe410 A-3  'F6+NK' 22.jpgMe410 A-3  'F6+NK' 29.jpgMe410 A-3  'F6+NK' 32.jpgMe410 A-3  'F6+NK' 40+.jpg

Hein Capelle

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Most impressive work (as one expects of you:)). I wonder why you did such a meticulous reproduction of the cameras, as nearly nothing of them is visible in the final result? Just "it is good to know they are there"?