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New Bf110G-2 WNr & Stkz production block?

Tom Willis

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I have the Luther Bf110G-2 production runs 6379 - 6404 as DP+UA to UZ; 6405 - 6430 as ??+?A to ??+?Z
This was at odds to the lists from the excellent Mankau/Petrick book. This production run ends with 6360 - 6429 (Aug 1943) with next production run starting the 6 digit run in the 120>>> series (Aug 1943). But strangely they start this from 120002 to 120117.
To add to this I noted from a few pages from the Flugbuch of Paul Kucher (Luther Werke pilot) the following entries
TL+OA - W/Nr 6431 - 23.07.43, Braunschweig-Waggum
TL+OF - 120004 - 26.07.43, Braunschweig-Waggum
TL+OH - 120005 - 27.07.43, Braunschweig-Waggum
TL+OM - 120009 - 29.07.43, Braunschweig-Waggum
TL+OP - 120012 - 30.07.43, Braunschweig-Waggum
TL+OV - 120016 - 02.08.43, Braunschweig-Waggum
TL+OW - 120017 - 03.08.43, Braunschweig-Waggum
TL+OZ - 120020 - 04.08.43, Braunsweig-Waggum
This indicates that the last 4 digit WNr. was 6431 before handing over to the 6 digit series of the Type G-2
However, if you track back the Stkz link then TL+OB would indicate a possible start at 120000 rather than a start at 120002?
Any thoughts on this would be appreciated. Also does anybody have the Paul Kucher Flugbuchs to confirm these and to give anymore WNr/Stkz results? Thanks

Peter van Gogh

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Hi Tom to ad some confusion
for the Luther Bf110G-2 production runs 6379 - 6404 as DP+UA to UZ
in the below Flugbuch of Reuth entry 1364 gives DP+UX as a Bf109

source F0562-entry-1364-DP+UX as Bf109.jpg

I have TL+OF as an He46 from the below Flugbuch of Sievers entry 568 The L was based on entry 572
This entry is then a misread made by me But what is it then ?


Tom Willis

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Thanks Peter & Norbert
Norbert, I have TC+OD as a He45 with AS2 so is there anything specific you have for TC+OF? Thanks
Peter, Ah I see you have noticed that the WNr/Stkz are out of sequence. I have OG for sure but might also include OM & OR/OS or OS/OT?
As regards the back tracking to (possible) 120000 seems more logical but I have also considered could either be 6432 as OB with 120001 as OC.
There is a duplication of Bf109Gs from DP+UF to UX. I have DP+UY as WNr6403 (Bf110G-2) with 2./Flugzeuguberfuhrerungschwader 1 Nord on 19.02.44 from Anklam to Aalborg (Fb.Erler). So possible the WNr/Stkz sequence only started from there.
I started this theme to see if anybody could confirm from the Flugbuch Paul Kucher any other W/Nr/Stkz sequences and to prove or add to what I have surmised.

Tom Willis

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To further add to my original text and question in Post 1
Following on from TL+O series production Stkz in Paul Kucher's Flugbuch is the next sequence of TN+K series
As in the previous sequence there are a series of punctuated gaps in the Stkz/Wnr range
TN+KB - 120021; TN+KC - 120022; TN+KD - 120023
TN+KH - 120026; TN+KI - 120027
TN+KK - 120028; TN+KL - 120029; TN+KM; - 120030 This ends there as 120031 starts a different sequence.
TN+KP - 720008; TN+KQ - 720009
This ends the TN+K series - from what I can work out is that the missing sequences are TN+KA, possible TN+KF and TN+KJ
There is another Flugbuch from Luther Werke at the same time period of Otto Bratherig which might help.
Does anyone have full sheets/pages which can help? Thanks

Tom Willis

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Thanks Peter
I agree with your assessment except for TN+KF as this is more likely to be TN+KP.
As far as I can work out I think that TN+KF was not included in the W/Nr sequences.
We know from Paul Kucher's Flugbuch that at this time Luther Werke finished using the 4 digit sequences and started using 6 digit W/Nrs
Also within these sequences single gaps were utilized alongside using 3, 4 and 5 different Stkz blocks.
I will elaborate later. Any comments and additions would most welcome. Thanks