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WL-OEQC fake or real for a Heinkel He70

Peter van Gogh

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The picture below was for sale on Ebay Its seems to me that the registration is added later or corrected with inkt
Even the balkencross is suspicious. Is this a fake registration ?
Two other points indicate also that the code is real:
1. The WL-xxxx code is just a document of transfer of operators (D-xxxx = civil aviation, WL-xxxx is military aviation).
2. Just the prefix (for the operator) changed. The code itself remained. There are some He70 in the range D-/ WL-Oxxx. So, even there might be no proof for the existence of a particular code, the code itself is at least plausible. The application of the "new" code itself may just be a differnt story.

Göran Larsson

Staff member
Stockholm, Sweden
Another example where the "D" has been over painted with "WL", the "WL" looking a bit "squeezed" in front of the Balkenkreuz. Perhaps WL-OZUS, previously D-OZUS, which can be found in the WL-???? register at LRG.

He 70 WL+OZxS_1-1_Bruchl_perh WL-OZUS.jpg

Source: Old expired eBay auction.